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frequently asked questions

No, not at this price. This is an introductory offer to launch the ExoDock/Patterson partnership. Once the first 200 clinics purchase the offer, this deal will be gone. If it is ever offered again, it will be at a significantly higher price.

This offer is being sold below cost! Patterson and ExoDock have agreed to do so in order to introduce ExoDock’s awesome products and services to Patterson’s valued clients.

No. You can purchase this great deal without signing up for any of our services. Our hope is that we’ll provide so much value that you’ll want to check out our other services in the future!

Yes… if you’d like to have a team of highly experienced dental I.T. experts on your side! ExoDock offers Canada-wide services and our products are available through your local Patterson Dental branch.

Once you’ve purchased this offer for your clinic, feel free to share it with your colleagues. Do it quickly though, the deal is only being offered to the first 200 clinics who buy it.

You’ll immediately receive an email with links to your:
     • Dental I.T. Risks Field Guide (PDF)
     • I.T. Risk Avoidance Workbook (PDF).

The email will also have links to schedule your:
     • One-on-One Consult call (Zoom)
     • I.T. Risk Training session (Zoom)

Finally, one of our amazing team members will contact you by phone or email to arrange a time to get started on your I.T. Risk Analysis!

No… BUT we will be able to give you a much greater level of detail in the report if you have your administrator password for your server(s).

No. You can still take advantage of this offer if you aren’t a regular purchaser from Patterson Dental. If you’d like to buy any of our hardware I.T. products, then those can be purchased through Patterson.

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