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Not Everyone Is A Match?!
The ExoDock name is a combination of Exo (as in “outside” or “external”) and Dock (as in “the connecting of one or more electronic devices into another base device”).
[Exo] Our system allows a dental clinic to operate outside of the cloud, giving you control of your I.T. and patient data. It is a completely standalone system that ties to the cloud, but does not rely on the cloud to operate.
[Dock] The platform has many components which are designed to be plug-and-play with the base system (the dock). These components make it completely possible for an untrained person to swap or add system components, allowing replacement of parts or adding of new capabilities.
Once you see what we’ve built, it will totally make sense!


ExoDock Inc. is a dental I.T. provider (founded in Alberta, Canada in 2017) and was formed to develop and produce the hardware platform for our sister-company, Avalon Global.
ExoDock has since combined Avalon’s 20+ years of experience in software development and dental I.T. services, with our own development of an extremely robust hardware platform… to create the ultimate I.T. solution for dental clinics!

In 2019, ExoDock expanded our reach across Canada through a partnership with Patterson Dental. Patterson’s North-American-wide logistics and distribution system, and their network of industry-leading sales, installation, and onsite service experts has made the partnership a natural fit.

ExoDock remains a family-owned Canadian company, headquartered in Alberta. The fast-growth of the company is attributed to the top-level support, robust hardware platform, and the incredibly talented group of experts that make up the ExoDock team.


Our mission is to eliminate the stress and risk of I.T. for dentists across the world!
We will allow our clients to operate independently of “the cloud” (aka big tech’s computers), to retain control of their clinic's technology infrastructure and their sensitive patient information.
We will retain our position as the industry leader in I.T. innovation and supporting services by continually improving our platform, based on input from hundreds of dental professionals (our amazing clients!).
We have a simple customer service goal: for our clients to be so happy with their experience with ExoDock that they will gladly recommend us to their colleagues.


We aren't for everyone, and we don't pretend to be. We pride ourselves in developing and providing the absolute best dental I.T. products and services. While we are very competitive in our pricing, we aren't the cheapest either. Here are a few things our clients seem to value:

1. Protecting their patient's sensitive data.

We tell the truth to each other and to our clients. We protect our clients and will always act in their best interest. We understand the value of a ‘Life Long Customer’, and we know relationships are far more important than short-term sales. We recommend our products or services if, and only if, we are confident they will benefit our existing or potential clients.

2. Go the Extra Mile & Provide Exceptional Value.

We strive to go the extra mile and never “pass the buck”. We promise only what we can deliver, and we always try to deliver more than we promised. We provide more than technology products and services - we also provide advice, ideas, tools and ongoing assistance to improve the way our clients do business. We believe in the free market and in providing exceptional value at a fair price. The market dictates the value of our products and services and as such we don’t over-charge or under-charge for them.

3. Be Accountable & Constantly Improve

We constantly work to improve our methods and processes to improve our customer experience and our efficiency. We listen to our client’s needs, and base the development of our products and services on those needs. We understand responsibility and that mistakes can happen. If mistakes occur, we analyze them and determine ways to improve, so we don’t make the same mistakes again. We do not make excuses, justify or lay blame. We focus on learning from our results.

4. Be Supportive. A Strong Team is a Strong Business.

We always speak positively and act supportively of our clients and their staff. We believe that our people are a critical component of our business’s success. As such, we are dedicated to creating an enjoyable work environment by always speaking and acting positively, supportively, and respectfully toward each other. As a company, we create and support opportunities for our team members to improve themselves both personally and professionally.

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