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6 Biggest I.T. Risks
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Cybercrime and Network Downtime
are very serious threats to dental clinics.

We can help you
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reduce your I.T. stress to zero!

Meet ExoDock, our Trusted Dental I.T. Provider.

ExoDock is an experienced team of specialized dental I.T. experts, dedicated to eliminating the risks of data security breaches and network downtime for Canadian dental clinics.

A national partner of Patterson Dental, ExoDock has been developing and supporting I.T. systems specifically for the dental industry for over 10 years and is already trusted by hundreds of dental clinics.

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The 6 Biggest I.T. Risks for Dental Clinics

ExoDock has identified 6 major risk areas for Canadian dental clinics, and will be sharing them in the coming weeks... along with some actionable tips to help reduce your risks!

If you'd like the guide covering all 6 risks emailed to you right now, take advantage of the offer below.

Risk #5: External Events

External events may be largely out of our control, but that doesn't mean we need to live with the consequences of them happening. Proper preparation for something that may never happen is the name of the game here... because things DO happen, but preparing in advance can make all the difference in avoiding the terrible possible outcomes from Risk #5.

Possible Events
Common Causes
Results of Problems
Mitigation Strategies
A Real Canadian Dentist's Story

My Dental Clinic Was Nearly Destroyed
by an Innocent Mistake!

The following is a real story written by a Canadian dentist about an experience prior to becoming an ExoDock client. We’ve removed personal information for privacy, but we hope this doctor’s willingness to share their story will help other doctors avoid this situation in their own clinics!
I've been a dentist for almost two decades, serving my community of (removed for privacy) with care and dedication. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my clinic would fall victim to a devastating cyberattack. But on the morning of September 6th last year, my world was turned upside down. The day started like any other, but when I sat down and logged into my computer to check my schedule to prepare for the day, a message appeared… stating that my clinic's data had been encrypted by ransomware. I felt sick to my stomach as I thought about how to interpret the message on my screen. Was it a joke? Or a hoax? As my clinic manager arrived and we investigated further, I realized it wasn’t a hoax - we couldn’t even get into our practice management system, and had no way of notifying our patients that we would not be able to see them that day!

The next few days were a blur of desperate phone calls, futile attempts to recover our backup data, and consultations with cybersecurity experts. The I.T. company we were using at the time tried to help, but they had designed our network and backups in a way that left us ill-prepared for this situation. Our clinic was down for over a week, leaving our staff stressed beyond belief, our patients in limbo, and our reputation tarnished. The estimated cost to our clinic was well over $250,000.

The attack had been a result of what I now know is called “social engineering”, exploiting the trust of an unsuspecting staff member over the course of several weeks leading up to the attack. Had our staff (me included) been better educated on this unique I.T. risk we face as dental clinics, and had we used the services of a specialized tech provider, we could have completely avoided this entire disaster.

As we continue to rebuild from this devastating event, I implore my fellow dentists and their teams to learn from my mistake. Don't underestimate the risks that lurk in the digital realm. Invest in the services of an IT provider that understands the unique vulnerabilities relating to dental IT security. Protect your patients, your practice, and your livelihood.

I sincerely hope my story will serve as a cautionary tale for you to safeguard your clinic BEFORE you're faced with a terrible situation like we experienced. (name removed for privacy)

How Impactful Are Hardware Failures on Clinics?

• A 2022 Nordlocker study ranked Canada 2nd worst of the top 50 countries on the Ransomware Risk Index.

• Healthcare had the 5th most cases of ransomware of the 19 industries researched.

• Further, 1-10 employee and 11-50 employee businesses (most dental clinics) rated very highly in the ransomware cases per employee count index.

Top 50 Countries by Ransomware Risk
Canada: #2 (of 50)

Ransomware Cases by Industry
Healthcare: 5th highest (of 19)

Ransomware Cases by Employee Count
1-10 and 11-50 employees: 1258

Stay Tuned! We'll Explore Risk #6 Next Week.

If you'd like to do something about this now... please read on!
We've put together a special offer to help protect your clinic.

It's Time to Protect Your Clinic and
Experience Stress-Free I.T.

A Complete Risk Mitigation Package For You!

We've included our full I.T. Risk Analysis, as well as the 5 other items listed below.
This complete bundle is being offered in limited quantity at below cost to introduce ExoDock's exclusive partnership with Patterson Dental.
The services in this offer will result in you having:
✅ A clear picture of your current I.T. risks
✅ Suggestions to mitigate the identified risks
✅ All of your questions or concerns regarding I.T. answered
✅ Your team being trained to avoid ransomware attacks
✅ The PDF guides to help along the way!
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Everything Included in This Bundle

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Comprehensive I.T. Risk Analysis
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One-On-One Consultation
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“I.T. Risk Avoidance" Live Training
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"Dental I.T. Risks" Field Guide
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No, not at this price. This is an introductory offer to launch the ExoDock/Patterson partnership. Once the first 200 clinics purchase the offer, this deal will be gone. If it is ever offered again, it will be at a significantly higher price.

This offer is being sold below cost! Patterson and ExoDock have agreed to do so in order to introduce ExoDock’s awesome products and services to Patterson’s valued clients.

No. You can purchase this great deal without signing up for any of our services. Our hope is that we’ll provide so much value that you’ll want to check out our other services in the future!

Yes… if you’d like to have a team of highly experienced dental I.T. experts on your side! ExoDock offers Canada-wide services and our products are available through your local Patterson Dental branch.

Once you’ve purchased this offer for your clinic, feel free to share it with your colleagues. Do it quickly though, the deal is only being offered to the first 200 clinics who buy it.

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The email will also have links to schedule your:
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     • I.T. Risk Training session (Zoom)

Finally, one of our amazing team members will contact you by phone or email to arrange a time to get started on your I.T. Risk Analysis!

No… BUT we will be able to give you a much greater level of detail in the report if you have your administrator password for your server(s).

No. You can still take advantage of this offer if you aren’t a regular purchaser from Patterson Dental. If you’d like to buy any of our hardware I.T. products, then those can be purchased through Patterson.

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